Cameron Knight Watson Paintings


I was born and raised in the Mississippi Delta. As a child I used to ride on the back of my St. Bernard through the fields of white Delta snow and dream of painting rainbow skies. As I grew older, I developed an eye and love of the land which I could convey through brushstrokes on canvas. I carried these memories of this place with me to the Low Country where I now reside. The Delta is never far away from me. I return as often as I can to catch another glimpse and explore hoping to uncover something else I’ve might never have seen. We are constantly evolving and as an artist, my intention is to capture a piece of the special place and convey in it in such a way that will remind us of our past. Our memories painted permanently on a canvas never to be forgotten. I welcome commissions! Please contact me about any of the works that you see here and may be interested in or for a price list. Thanks!